(photo courtesy of Kay Patterson)

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The Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Cooperative (PNLFC) is a
member owned company whose specialty is the fabrication and
marketing of high quality llama fiber products. Our goal is to create
an outlet for llama owners' llama fiber. 

Our charter is to collect and sort the fiber, then send it on to
various mills for processing blankets, rugs and socks to name a few.
The high quality finished product will then be marketed not only off
this website, but sold in specialty shops that cater to high end fiber
products, as well as numerous fiber events throughout the year.

The one-time membership fee helps offset costs associated with the
initial processing. The proceeds from the sale of these products then
roll forward toward the following year's fiber processing cost. Profits are
then be paid back to the co-op members based on their fiber contribution.

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